Despite all the technology and automation available to us today,
we still need hands-on people to get tasks done every day, but does it always have be you?

Monthly Content Support - Balanced Business Service

Get the help you need to
follow through on your content marketing plans.

Monthly Support for:
Blog Preparation – Social Media Graphics – Email Newsletters
Content Repurposing

Content Support Descriptions and Pricing

Blog Support

Cut your production time in half and get back to your Boss Lady day

Using your written content:

  • Strategic Formatting for your website traffic – Studies show that 80% of our web visitors are scanning, scrolling, and quickly skimming our content.  Everyone is listening to “WIIFM radio” (“what’s in it for me” radio.) Formatting is a must so your blog content is visually easier for your reader to see your great information, and quickly find what’s important to them.
  • I’ll check your SEO term in Google Keyword Planner or search for a better term that works with your blog writing
  • Complete your Blog Post SEO using your SEO plugin
  • Proofing of each post
  • CC0 Photo finding or use your photos for the post and your featured image
  • Add links, especially your call to action links
  • I’ll get your post ready in WordPress and leave it as a draft for you to review and publish or I can publish it for you (your choice)

Also available for your blog posts:

Content Upgrades, Your 2nd chance to get a subscriber – You can learn more about Content Upgrades here

Social Media Content and Distribution

Blog post announcements are great in your social media feed, and we all love to post about our furry friends too,
but we’ll need to add more to make a lasting connection with your audience so we can:
1) Keep them engaged in you and your services
2) Get traffic back to your website
3) Capture email subscribers and build your list of warm leads!

Content examples to help you reach your Boss Lady goals:

  • Promotional Announcements for your podcasts, webinars, products, online courses, coaching packages, and your services
  • Your vibe to your tribe: Inspirational messages and graphics using quotes from you, your blog, or famous quotes you and your tribe would like
  • Content Repurposing – Blog snippets turned into a social media graphics are proven examples of creating additional content that helps your social media feed AND helps get traffic back to your blog.
  • Your social media visuals can be static or animated
  • All content will be appropriately sized for your social media platforms.

Option 1Content Only

Save time by having me create your graphics for you! You provide the content wording, and I’ll create your branded social media graphics in your Canva account so they’re ready for you to download and use.

Content Only: pack of 10 – $200/month

Content Only: pack of 20 – $360/month

Content Only: pack of 30 – $450/month

Whether you choose Option 1 or Option 2, your social media content will be created in your Canva Pro or Canva Free account. This makes it easy for you to reuse your designs in the future, make your own edits if you’d like, and make sure your design assets always stay with you. If you don’t have a Canva account yet, you can sign up for free here.

Option 2Content Planning, Creating, & Distribution to Your Social Media Channels

For clients that want monthly, strategic planning, content creating, and distribution to their social media channels.

This includes:

  • Monthly meeting for reviewing your social media analytics for better content planning
  • Planning your content according to your goals that month
  • Creating 12 pieces (or more if needed) of social media content – static or animated
  • One round of edits
  • Distribution with hashtags on your social media channels using your social media service

Starting at $420 per month for 12 pieces of social media content

Email Newsletters

You’ve worked hard to get your subscribers, so don’t let this money maker fall
through the cracks because your to-do list has you maxed out!

Your newsletter is the one time your readers can take a coffee break and focus only on your message without the distractions of a social media feed. But sometimes, to-do lists can get so long that publishing your newsletter on a regular basis can fall thorough the cracks of daily life!

Save time and stay connected

  • I’ll proof, format, and add your content to your email service, add photos and links, test, and schedule your newsletter to go out to your subscribers on time.

Content Repurposing

You’ve spent hours on the content you already have. Use the repurposing ideas
below to make your existing content do more for you, and reach more people too!

Content Repurposing - Balanced Business Service
  • Get the most from your blog post by creating graphic quotes and info snippets for posting to all of your social media platforms.
  • Some people prefer visuals over audio. Turn your podcasts into visually engaging slides of your podcast content and share them.
  • Turn your blog post into a 1 to 2-minute video summary and publish it at the beginning of your blog post. Not only will the video summary get them excited about reading your entire post, but the video will also serve as a way for your potential client to get to know you, and your personality, as they consider working with you. This is a great tool for speeding up the “know-like-trust” factor between you and your potential client.
  • Turn an older blog post, that’s getting less traffic than it used to, into an updated eBook to use as a lead magnet or a digital product you can sell.
  • Create free opt-ins and lead magnets, like workbooks and checklists, from content that tells your audience how to achieve a goal or follow a procedure of how to get something done.

Save time and get off the do-it-all-yourself treadmill that makes you wonder where all the time went! Contact me regarding these services or ask about a service not listed.

Your Consistent Assistant for Your Content Management - Balanced Business Service

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