Do you want to do more with your video content,
but don’t want
to deal with the learning curve of editing software?

Are you already editing your own videos, but you’re tired of your computer being completely unavailable until you’re done rendering?

Save time, software frustration, and incorporate more of your video content into your marketing plans.

Is your Webcam message in need of polish, does your webinar need editing before posting the replay, do you have YouTube videos you wish were finished?

Here’s how I can get your videos ready to share!

Remove unwanted parts

Before and after a video, sometimes conversations and mic checks make it into the recording, which is not always intended for your audience to hear. I’ll remove those parts, so your video is on point.

Improve the sound quality

Some of your guest speakers may be loud, others very soft. Getting your speakers closer in volume will be less distracting for your audience, and a much more professional presentation from you.

Prevent “Talking Head” video zone out

It’s a well-known fact that our audience will zone out on us (or worse, click away), so a proven way to prevent that is to add captions of your most important topics and add relevant graphics along the way so we can keep your audience engaged until the end.

Here are a few example videos:

Below is an example video for a digital product that I’m working on:

Below is my Welcome video on my “About Me and You” page
Please click here to get the Canva template the example video talks about.

Below is a photo collage video for a client’s 10 year celebration

Video Post-Production Options & Pricing:

Create your thumbnail and end frame

Add your intros and outros

Add your logo

Editing for improved sound quality

Editing out unwanted parts

Create an audio-only of your video if needed

Distribution to your chosen platform

Edits / changes after you review your video

You’ll get a rendered MP4 video that includes your contact information so your video is ready to post and share

I use Camtasia for editing, so I can work with your CamRec or MP4 files.

Uplevel Your Video Webinar Video Editing

This service is perfect for:

Chapter Editing for Online Course Creators
Adding Polish to a Webcam Message
Digital Product Promos
YouTube Videos
Short Tutorials
Talking Head Videos
Facebook Live Recordings
Webinar Replay Videos
Mastermind Meetings
Zoom Meetings

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